Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Worksheet 36


Circle the correct answer.

1. Which of the simple machine helps Ali go faster when he cycles?

A. Gear C. Levers

B. Screws D. Wedges

2. Which characteristic of light causes an eclipse to form?

A. Light can be reflected C. Light consists of seven colours

B. Light is a form of energy D. Light travels in a straight path

3. What is the function of the pulley?

A. To lift heavy objects C. To move objects more quickly

B. To fix two objects together D. To change the direction of moving objects

4. Which of the following are wedges?

A. Saw and tap C. Spanner and screws

B. Ramp and crane D. Chisel and door stopper

5. An eclipse of the Sun can only be observed during the ____________.

A. day C. weekend

B. night D. weekdays

6. What happens during Eclipse of the Sun?

A. The air becomes hot C. The sky becomes dark

B. The sky appears red D. The air becomes dusty


  1. Terima kasih..Cikgu Missez Hafiza ( atas pujian terhadap saya ). Selepas mempelajari setiap topik ini, saya akan memberi beberapa contoh soalan untuk menguji kefahaman murid-murid.