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Lesson 24

Lesson 24: Importance of Preserving Food

Learning Objective

Realising the importance of preserving food

Syllabus Correlations

· Theme: Investigating Materials

· Learning Area: Food Preservation

· Learning Objective: Realising the importance of preserving food

Learning Outcomes:

Pupils should be able to:

· state what food preservation is;

· give reasons why we need to preserve food.

Concept(s) Introduced:

· concept of food preservation;

· reasons why we need to preserve food.

Skills Covered:

· Observing, classifying, making inferences, interpreting data, making conclusions, comparing and contrasting.

Vocabulary/ New Words:

· food wastage, flavour, wastage,

Value(s) Incorporated:

· Having an interest in and curiosity about the environment.

· Being diligent and persevering.

· Realising that science is a means to understand nature.

· Thinking rationally

· Analysing the things around us

Materials Needed:


Point(s) to Note:

Explain and give the importance of food preservation.

Teaching Strategies

Set Induction

Show pictures of products of food preservation. Ask pupils to observe the products, Help pupils to name the products such as pickled food, frozen food, canned food and smoked banana. Encourage pupils to think what will happen if food preservation does not exist.

Component: Introduction

Step 1

Play the content component. Ask pupils how preserved food benefits us. Ask pupils what are examples of preserved food. Teacher gives examples like dried, frozen and pickled food. Ask pupils why preserved food is easy to store and transport. Explain that they are light and take less space. Preserved food also lasts longer. This enables distribution to other places and export to overseas.

Play the content component. Ask pupils what they do with left over food. Teacher explains that it should be refrigerated to preserve them. Explain that food preservation allows food to be eaten out of season. Ask pupils to give more benefits from food preservation. They give variety and nutrition to our diet and ensure continuous supply.

Play the content component. Ask pupils what causes bird virus flu and what action was taken to prevent the viral spread. Explain that when there is shortage of food and during rainy or dry seasons, preserved food is used to substitute fresh food. Ask pupils to give examples of food that can be found even when it is out of the season. Explain that food preservation is used for seasonal fruits.

Play the content component. Teacher introduces salting and pickling as ways to change the taste of food. This adds the commercial value as new food can be produced. Explain that preserved food can be distributed and marketed.

Component : Content

Step 2

Play the activity component. Help pupils to conduct an activity. Pupils are given the following types of food: carrots, crabs, corns and chillies.

Ask pupils to work in groups of five.

Find out:

l What are the ways to preserve carrots, crabs, corns and chillies?

l How to store the food that has been preserved?

l How to increase the commercial value of food?

l How human needs can be fulfilled throughout the year?

Present your findings to the class. Pupils can discuss with their friends to do this activity.

Component: Activity

Step 3

There are five questions in this component covering the learning outcomes. Questions 1 to 3 are objective questions. Q4 is a drag and drop activity. Pupils drag and drop the correct answers for the questions. Q5 consists of true or false questions. Pupils need to identify whether the statements are true or false.

Use evaluation sheets to assess the pupils’ understanding of this lesson.

Component: Evaluation

Step 4

Ask pupils to observe food label of pineapple.

Pupils can read the label on the food package to identify:

l the expiry date

l the net weight

l the nutrient contents

l the halal symbol for Muslim consumers

By reading the food label, pupils will know whether the food is consumable or not before buying it.

Component: Extension


Conclude the lesson by playing this component to further reinforce understanding of the lesson. Help pupils to state what food preservation is. Give reasons why we need to preserve food.

Component: Summary

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