Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Worksheet 23


Circle the correct answer.

1. Which method can keep a fish fresh for a week?

I. Dry it in the sun

II. Wrap it with wet cloth

III. Keep it in a refrigerator

IV. Keep it in an airtight container

A. I and III

B. II and IV

C. I, II and III

D. I, II, III and IV

2. What is the preservation method which has these characteristics?

· Delays the ripening of the vegetables

· Maintains the freshness of the vegetables

· Does not destroy the nutrients in the vegetables

A. Drying

B. Canning

C. Smoking

D. Vacuum packing

3. Which processes can keep fish fresh for more than one week?

I. Salting

II. Boiling

III. Heating

IV. Freezing

A. I and IV

B. II and IV

C. I, III and IV

D. II, III and IV

Choose True or False for the statements below.

1. Food can last long even if it is not preserved.



2. Drying is suitable for all kinds of food.



3. Some of the food are not suitable for certain kinds of preservation.



4. Bananas can be smoked over a flameless fire for a period of time to preserve them.



5. Sometimes, we need more than one way to preserve food.



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