Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Worksheet 11

1. Which of the following is not an effect of force?

A. Move a stationary object.

B. Change the shape of an object.

C. Change the colour of an object.

D. Change the direction of a moving object.

2. Which of the following statements are true about force?

I. Force can change the weight of an object

II. Force can stop the movement of an object

III. A pulling force can change the speed of an object

IV. A pushing force can change the shape of an object

A. I, II and III

B. I, III and IV

C. II, III and IV

D. I, II, III and IV

Fill in the correct answer.

1. A stationary object begins to move when it is ( ).

2. Pressing, bending and stretching can change the ( ) of an object.

3. ( ) make a moving object go faster, slower or change direction.

4. A force can change the direction of a ( ) object.

Choose True or False for the statements below.

1. Some objects change shapes or sizes when we apply force on them.



2. A force can be applied to stop a moving ball.



3. Force cannot change the shape of an object.



4. A force can make an object move in a different direction.



5. A force can cause a moving object to move faster or slower.



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