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Lesson 9

Lesson 9: Impact Of Human Activities On Environment

Learning Objective

Knowing the impact of human activities on environment

Syllabus Correlations

· Theme: Investigating Living Things

· Learning Area: Interaction Among Living Things

· Learning Objective: Knowing the impact of human activities on environment

Learning Outcome:

By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

· give examples of environmental destruction caused by human;

· explain how human activities cause environmental destruction;

· predict what will happen to the Earth if human activities are not controlled.

Concept(s) Introduced:

·human activities cause environmental destruction;

·humans should control their activities to avoid environmental destruction of the Earth.

Skills Covered:

· Observing, classifying, making inferences, interpreting data, making conclusions, comparing and contrasting.

Vocabulary/ New Words:

authorities,blanketed,collapsed,destruction,downpour,dust,earth,erosion,extinct,flash,floods,global,governed,herbicides,imbalance,industrial,jeopardy,landslides,low-lying,nature,pesticides,fertilisers, harvest, pests, predict, water pollution, water retention, soil, standstill, submerged, suffer, visibility, warming, industrial wastes, household wastes, sewage waste, weeds

Value(s) Incorporated:

· Having an interest in and curiosity about the environment.

· Being diligent and persevering.

· Realising that science is a means to understand nature.

· Thinking rationally

Materials Needed:


Point(s) to Note:


Teaching Strategies

Set Induction

Play the introduction component. Ask pupils what is environmental destruction. Prompt pupils to give examples of environmental destruction. Guide pupils to give the factors that cause this environmental destruction.

Component: Introduction

Step 1

Show the video in the content 1 component. Pupils see examples of environmental destruction that happen in our country:

· Kuala Lumpur City flash flood in 2006

· Hulu Klang landslide tragedy in 2006

· 12-storey Highland Tower Apartments collapsed

· Malaysia was blanketed with haze in 2005

Component: Content1

Step 2

Play the content 2 component. Pupils watch the video on some activities that can cause environmental destruction. Explain how human activities cause environmental destruction. Guide pupils to understand how human activities cause soil erosion, flash floods, landslides, water pollution and air pollution. Prompt pupils to list the problems when these environmental destructions happen.

Component: Content 2

Step 3

Play the content 3 component. Pupils watch the video on some human activities that can cause imbalance in nature. Explain how these human activities such as illegal and excessive logging, illegal and excessive hunting and improper management of developments, have some bad effects on the environment.

Component: Content 3

Step 4

Divide the pupils into groups of five. They are required to gather photos, descriptions and some background information on environmental destruction that happened in Kuala Lumpur. They need to suggest ways to reduce environmental destruction. In the report, they also need to:

· List out the factors that caused Kuala Lumpur to be hit by flash floods.

· List the factors causing haze in Kuala Lumpur.

· List the factors that caused the 12-storery Highland Towers Apartment to collapse.

Component: Activity

Step 5

There are five questions in this component covering the learning outcomes. Questions 1 to 3 are objective questions. Q4 is a drag and drop activity. Pupils drag and drop the correct answers for the questions. Q5 consists of true or false questions. Pupils need to identify whether the statements are true or false.

Use evaluation that will assess the pupils’ understanding of the lesson.

Component: Evaluation

Step 6

Give information on Sungai Juru in Penang which has been classified as the most polluted river in the country. The pollution caused the water to be unsafe for drinking even after being boiled. Deal with the efforts by Friends of Sungai Juru in creating awareness in the public to restore the natural habitat of Sungai Juru. Emphasise that we have to be responsible to maintain our environment for the next generation.

Component: Extension


Conclude the lesson by playing this component to further reinforce understanding of the lesson. Explain that human activities cause environmental destruction. Guide pupils to understand that humans should control their activities to avoid the environmental destruction of the Earth.

Component: Summary

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